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What Is Bail?

An understanding of what the bail process is and how it functions can go a long way in ensuring a quick release from jail for a defendant. Our fully qualified, experienced agents explain the entire process of bail to you, thus hastening the process of securing your loved one’s release. Our bail bond service offers the highest quality professional advice and help in all matters pertaining to Fort Myers bail bonds.

Our Bail Bond Agents Explain How the Bail Process Works

Bail is defined as a written promise signed by the defendant or their surety-a person who acts on behalf of the defendant-to pay the authorities a sum fixed by the court, which is forfeited in case the defendant fails to show up for the trial. A precautionary measure that aims to prevent the suspect from fleeing prosecution, bail is the system’s guarantee toward ensuring the accused does not leave the court’s jurisdiction.

The amount of money is generally commensurate with the gravity of the offense committed. The bail amount is fixed so the defendant wouldn’t consider violating the terms of their temporary release. For petty charges this could be a few hundred dollars, but the figure goes up substantially for crimes of more serious nature, sometimes even running into excess of $100,000. If the suspect abides by the terms of the release, the bail amount is returned to them in full. The law also permits temporary release based on the defendant’s own recognizance. Known as O.R. (Own Recognizance) release, all that’s needed in this method of bail is a promise by the accused to be available for their trial.

Your Bail Options

Because the bail amount fixed by the courts is extremely high, most defendants find it difficult to post their own bail. Bail bond agents come to the rescue by paying the bail amount. You pay the agent or the company they represent a premium on the bond-usually set to 8-10% of the total amount. For instance, if you have been asked to deposit $15,000, for getting bail, you only have to pay your agent $1200-$1500. The second option to post cash bail, which means you pay off the whole amount fixed by the court. A very expensive option this could entail borrowing money from friends and losing a sizable portion of your savings. Why deal with this when Fort Myers bail bonds can be easily posted by our agents?

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