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Types of Bail Bonds in Fort Myers, Florida

Fort Myers Bail Bond Service Helping You Make Intelligent Decisions

Get Out Fast Bail Bonds is a preferred provider of professional bond services for many Fort Myers residents. Our unparalleled support in assisting you through the bond signing and processing is matched only by our consummate honesty and efficiency. From helping you gain an understanding of the different types of bail bonds, to taking care of the necessary paperwork, we provide end-to-end bail posting solutions.

The Basics of Bail Bonds Explained

A bail bond is the simplest way to secure the release of a defendant housed in a detention facility and awaiting trial for the alleged criminal offense. A licensed bond agency can post surety bonds/bail bonds for a small fee, which is typically 10% of the total bail amount. The bail bond comes with its set of agreements, dependent on the type of charges, the defendant’s past criminal history (if any) and the total bail amount.

What are your options in Fort Myers, FL bail bonds?

  • Cash Bail Bonds: Cash bail bonds can be posted at the jail or the court, during regular hours. The cash is retained until such time as the bond is exonerated or the case is disposed.
  • Property Bonds: You can pledge your property, certificate of deposit or other material asset equaling the value of the bond, to secure release.
  • Transfer Bonds: A transfer bond is a bail bond for loved ones being held out of town. We are licensed to act as a broker for insurance agencies, and have access to agents throughout the country.
  • Federal Bail Bonds: If your loved one has been arrested and detained on a federal criminal charge, a federal bail bond must be posted. Typically, the bond is higher in a federal court than in a state court.
  • Immigration Bail Bonds: If your loved one in custody is an undocumented alien, a delivery bond or a voluntary departure bond will be required to secure release.

Contact our bail agent for efficient, honest, and quick bail bond service. We look forward to assisting you.