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Bail Bonds Process in Fort Myers

Your Single Point of Contact to Get Out of Jail

Get Out Fast Bail Bonds comes to the aid of individuals seeking bail upon arrest. We take the bail bond process forward while you or your family member only need to take care of a small premium payable to us.

Looking at the process in Fort Myers, FL

When you are arrested and taken to a detention facility, your mug shots and fingerprints are taken, and transferred to the national database of records. Based on the penal code of the charges and county bail schedule, a particular bail amount is set. Once this is done, you are allowed a phone call. You can choose to call your family member, your attorney or directly contact a bail bond service. You can also have your family member or attorney contact a bail bondsman.

When you reach out to a bail bond service, the agents will get the bail information and fill out the bail agreement. You must sign an agreement with the service to start the posting process. Upon posting the bail for your release, you can get out of your harrowing situation very quickly. The full bail amount is reimbursed to you once you appear for your court proceedings. Opting for a bail bond is preferable to cash bail, where you need to fork up a hefty sum; the only other alternative is to stay in jail until your court date.

As part of our Fort Myers bail bonds process, we like to understand who you are and where you come from, to create a more comfortable working relationship. Being an MGA (Managing General Agent), we are licensed to act in the capacity of a broker for insurance companies, i.e., we can arrange for transfer bonds regardless of your location in the United States. Our fee is only a small percentage of the total bail amount. We are open about communicating the same to you. Contact us for more details.