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After You’ve Been Arrested in Fort Myers

Fort Myers Bail Bond Services Helping You Cut Short Your Time in Jail

After your arrest, your next plan of action can be (a) waiting for release on own recognizance, which buys you pre-trial freedom based on your past history, (b) paying up a hefty cash bail, or (c) posting a bail bond/surety bond, which is the guaranteed payment of your full bail amount. The third option is much-preferred by defendants and their families, and for good reason. Here’s where Get Out Fast Bail Bonds comes in-we provide Fort Myers bail bonds and have been doing so successfully for over nine years now.

Don’t Be Frightened After Arrest, Let Us Guide You

The period following your arrest can be extremely stressful for both you and your loved ones. In such a situation, we advise you not to panic, and reach us at the earliest. We work 24/7, and on holidays as well, so please don’t think twice before knocking on our door for help. Given that the bail posting process involves legalities, fact-checking and some verification from our side, you may want to get started immediately.

We follow a unique approach when handling new cases and posting Fort Myers bail bonds. It aims to get us off on the right foot with you, given the urgency of the situation and the anxiety you understandably feel. Rest assured that we will support you in any reasonable way we can, such as waiving the need for collateral for some cases and making house calls if you cannot travel.

Learn About Bail Bond Laws in Fort Myers, FL

We help you get an overview of the bail regulations in the state, so you know the steps of action that will lead to bail and the obligations you must adhere to, as the defendant or signatory. Call us to secure swift release from jail and get back on your feet confidently! We look forward to assisting you.